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HR Conclaves

The HR Conclave is a part of Empzilla's endeavor. By leveraging the experiences and perspectives of pioneering professionals, We intend to facilitate the exchange of ideas, opinions, and opportunities on the dynamically changing role of Human Resources in the corporate world. This event is extremely popular among HR leaders and the Government of India key stakeholders interfacing with industry and employment creation.

The events consist of enthralling speaker sessions, panel discussions, debates, and networking sessions.Empzilla being a career guidance portal interacts with individuals and dissects the problem from the core of it. Our Team of Career guidance counselors analyze this data and create programs that address the problem-solving skills and enable career development to the very extent that you are able to succeed in your journey ahead.


Over 50% of current hires are for IT in various industries; and codathons, ideathons and hackathons are the best tools used to select best candidates. A number of leading technology companies hire exclusively through such platforms. These coding events are sometimes focused on one or more technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, IoT, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Quantum Computing etc. or industry focused like Fin-tech, Health-tech, Agri-tech etc.

Job Fairs

Empzilla job fairs are the best platform for companies and job seekers to interact and start a mutually beneficial employment journey. We conduct fairs both for niche requirements and also larger and more pronounced needs around blue-collar jobs. These job fairs are in line with the Mission of the Government of India for job creation and the digital economy.


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