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Why some CEOs don’t care about MBAs

According to the analytics of the trends, We have noticed a drop in the ratio of selection of MBA students in the start-ups. The Entrepreneur have a slightly shifted towards the individuals that showcase Self-Motivating qualities & ownership towards the projects.

Business-school and MBAs don’t hold much water in a startup as entrepreneurs are now looking for résumés that show proof of taking ownership of projects

The time has passed where just being an MBA student from a Good College was enough. The resume makes up for the first impression. As we say to the MBA students in our webinars, "Take your resume seriously to ensure you don’t get rejected for you get rejected."

Most of these student lack organisational skills, which seems to effect the environment of start-up. Most CEOs are pretty focussed on maintaining an environment that particularly believe in problem solving skills and promotes creative.

There have been reports that there is lack of creativity and imagination in the basic planning while approaching a product or service. This effects how they present the organisations to the client and how they answer basic query.

We feel there should be qualitative assessments of these young minds to give them an extra edge against the competetion.

Empzilla does provide such services to enhance an individual's profile and ensure success..



STEM-related job postings rise 44% in 3 years: Report

According to a report, Science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM)-related job roles in India are among the most promising for job seekers, as these job openings have seen consistent growth between November 2016 and November 2019. This data was taken from job site Indeed, shine and Empzilla. The demand for developers are high in the STEM sector.

The northern and southern regions came in at a close second with 31 per cent of postings from across the country. The east accounted for only 4 per cent of all STEM job postings, the report added.

The top five Job profile in demand in the sector are software engineer, php developer, .net developer, android developer and full stack developer, according to all the reports.

With the constant changes in the IT, Stem related courses are also changing rapidly. Empzilla share an update report in its webinar and newsletter to know more.


TCS planning to hire 39,000 freshers in Financial Year 2021

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is currently on a hiring spree. The company's management said that it has offered jobs to 39,000 people at the start of FY20. The new workforce will help to improve the quality of TCS in improving its execution team.

The organization is expecting new business growth in FY21. The tech services firm has been focused on closing new deals. TCS expects significant growth in the banking, financial, and insurance (BFSI) sector. This growth is expected to boost within the next two to three quarters.

The IT services firm has reported 0.3% sequential growth in revenue for the December quarter in terms of constant currency. The growth is far lower than the 1% growth that analysts had estimated. Even the margin performance was aided by currency benefits and cost-efficiency measures. In the Q3, the revenue in BFSI.

Milind Lakkad, executive vice president and global head of human resources at TCS said, "Through the TCS national qualifier test for FY21 we have already made 39,000 offers. So, when we are asked about our medium-to-long-term plans, this is what it is. We will decide the onboarding process (for freshers) over the next month. We may front-load again, but a decision is yet to be made."

The company has plans to strengthen the workforce of freshers. For the mid-level employees, TCS is focused on improving their skills from both technology and management perspective. The senior management too will be trained for skill development.

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