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About 'Empzilla'

The exorbitant shoot-up in the internet usage in the recent past has contributed to tremendous growth of Digital India. We intend to create a unique and most convenient communication platform in this industry i.e. CHAT via Empzilla- the mobile app for candidates and recruiters. Substantially reducing cost & time at both ends. Empzilla endeavors to be pronounced pioneer brand in the employment sector with digital experience and services unmatched.
Our contemporary idea is to create digital revolution in the employment sector by connecting the job seekers & employers through the most convenient communication platform 'CHAT'

Why Empzilla

"Empzilla" is a mobile based Job Chat app which narrows down the communication gap between job seekers and the employers, thereby making the selection process quick and cost effective.
Grab the right Opportunity just in few seconds "Empzilla" is a Mobile-Based job Chat App. which empowers candidates to stay ahead and streamline them with the latest job postings. Enabling them to forefront to vacancies posted by employers and recruiters , in a Jiffy.

Aim of Digital India

The famous Digital India campaign initiated by the Government of India was started to ensure the lucrative internet practice with the aim to reach Indian citizens electronically by enhanced infrastructure digitally and transform the Indian economy into a globally empowered economy.
The vision of Digital India program is to grow in every possible sector digitally (online services). It is centered with the following motive

   a.) to make public services digitally fast

   b.) to enhance the usage of internet in the right direction.

   c.) to make India a secure and safe cyber digital platform.

   d.) to promote cashless transactions.

   e.) growth in every sector - public and private.

Our initiative contribution to 'Digital India'; "Digital Employment" keeping in mind the current technology and generation to enhance employment sector.
We have launched a mobile based Job chat App to empower the candidates and the recruiters to streamline with every stage of hiring and recruiting. The app will enable the former and the latter to respond spontaneously through the quirkiest and convenient mode of communication- CHAT. Every feature of the app is designed with incredible benefits to both the parties and make things handy with just a click.


Provide a unique platform for live interaction between candidate and employers/ recruiters from across the world to facilitate employment at low cost & fast pace. A name to be recognized for providing Quality Service.


Empzilla endeavors to be pronounced pioneer brand in the employment sector with digital experience and services unmatched.
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